Are you he or She? Facebook wants to know !


“… People who haven’t selected what sex they are frequently get defaulted to the wrong sex,” Naomi Gleit (Facebook product manager).

So, how should Facebook address you when NO gender is specificed in the account?

Like for usual, “She said…” “He Said…” Facebook resort to use of gender neutral words. This can include words plural pronoun “they” or “themself”.

To put end to this, Facebook desperately wants to know your gender ‘male’ or ‘female’. So, from now:

  • Specify if male or female on their basic membership profile.
  • Few prompts for existing users to define themselves.

Previously, Facebook did not push for gender info as “Male or Female” classification is considered too limiting for some members. Facebook is ready to ask you – if you are he or she? ARE you? source

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