Check for Wi-Fi Signals using button on a Wrist Watch


For people on the move with their laptops, Wi-Fi is as important as food and water. Searching for Wi-Fi signal can be a bit of ask, trying to check with locals and doing few connectivity checks.

Well you get relief from all this, if you have Wi-Fi signal detecting watch on your wrist. This wristwatch tells you the wi-fi signal strength at the push of a button.

The strength is shown as a number from 0 to 8, letting you know exactly what kind of connectivity you can expect or if you need to move a little closer to the access point. Other features of watch include:

  • Alarm and countdown timer.
  • Consist of a steel case & rubber strap band.
  • World time zone mode included.
  • EL backlight and calendar.

Next time you are away from home, press the Wi-Fi button to check for possible internet connectivity. Provided you have this wrist watch which is costs about $30. More Details here.


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