Convert number digits to letters in different languages


Are you looking for an easy way to convert 23 into twenty-three? “Number 2 Letters” is a small application that allows conversion of digit numbers into alphabet letters. Just enter any digit and hit the manual test button to see its equivalent in alphabet letters. You can convert specific numbers or provide a range for conversion like from 1 to 100.


It also supports multiple languages including: French, Spanish, German and English. So you can convert 97 into:

ninty-seven (English)
quatre-vingt-dix-sept (French)
siebenundneunzig (German) and so on.

Download Number 2 Letters (needs .NET Framework 3.0), this application does not require installation. Just download the package, unzip it and double click application icon to start using it. Very handy for quick conversion of digits into letters with multiple language support.



  1. Hi !
    Glad to see you like this project.
    FYI, I’ve just release the v1.1 of the library which include now Italian formatter.

    Thanks again,

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