Discomgoogolation, Life without internet makes you…


Ever heard of word ‘Discomgoogolation’? It means state of stress and anxiety for not able to access internet.

The term comes from “discombobulate,” which means to confuse or frustrate and Google.

While online we can access loads of information, with no internet – state of Discomgoogolation kicks inn. And there are many discomgoogolated web sufferers around!

Here are interesting facts, figures and level of Discomgoogolation revealed by a survey as reported by Reuters:

  • Nearly 44% Britons are discomgoogolation sufferers.
  • 76% of Britons could not live without the Internet.
  • 19% people spend more time online than with family in a week.
  • One in five people paying Internet more attention than their partner.

Eye opener? Well, turn OFF your internet for sometime and see if ‘Discomgoogolation’ sets inn for you? Life without internet… no more a possibility, is it?



  1. caroline says

    why do u mean it

  2. i can’t live without internet.ugh i can’t imagine if my life without internet.

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