Firefox Addon Collection groups – create & share


Firefox web browser has huge list of plugins to extend its functionality and features as per requirement. Mozilla has finally done some cleaning up in the way Firefox addons are listed in Addons directory. Besides revamping the addon site into neatly categorized directory, it has launched new feature of Addon collections / groups for extended user experience.

Addon collections concept allows you to create groups containing Firefox addons with specific functionality. For example, you can create addon collection or group related to music, images, travel etc. Besides creating, you can browse addon collection groups created by other users. For example, checkout Traveler’s pack of Firefox addons, it has 13 addons to help you make easy travel plans. You can subscribe this group using RSS feed or track it within Firefox addon account.


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There is ever easier way to manage addon collections using Firefox plugin Addon collector. After install, goto Tools > Addons. Login using Firefox addon account and you will see new subscription tab in your addons manager. Using this, you can easily manage addon collection and get notified when new addon is added to your favorite collection. Here is video explaining it all, ready to create your addon collections? [via Mozilla Blog]


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