Inspiration Quotes about love, live, hope & more

Many of us are on constant hunt for those cool sounding hard hitting one liners to inspire and cheer-up. With present day web users highly active on social websites like Twitter, Facebook - need for inspiration quotes never ends. Here are few of them to get in the mood: "... Age does

Firefox Addon Collection groups – create & share

Firefox web browser has huge list of plugins to extend its functionality and features as per requirement. Mozilla has finally done some cleaning up in the way Firefox addons are listed in Addons directory. Besides revamping the addon site into neatly categorized directory, it has launched

Free Avatars directory, download & use !

Avatars are very important for socially active and networked web users. Avatar image is your online identity and hence it is important to have a cool looking avatar. We have already seen web tools to create avatars from Youtube videos or create awesome looking 3D avatars at Meez. Hey, why

What is Cost of Living & property in your country?

Ever wanted to know the cost of living comprising of basic prices of different items of daily use in your country? Numbeo makes this all easy with its online editable database of cost of living information of different countries world-over. To get started, select country of your choice and

Find Local listings & places, directory app for Android

If you are using Android powered mobile phone, then checkout Places Directory application. It provides localized and specific information you require regarding: restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, banks. It also helps you navigation among different places and distance / destination

Find other Twitter Users Like you, Just Tweet it !

There are loads of Twitter applications and services for an extended Twitter experience. 'Just Tweet it' is an interesting resource to help you expand your Twitter network. It allows you to find Twitter users like you.