Forgot Password? You should have created easy to remember password!


With so many different web services and their respective password requirements, it can be one stressful life. Most of us tend to waste time with ‘forgot your password’ feature to retrieve the original password.

In case you had created an easy to remember password, this should not happen. PasswordBird is one cool web service to create strong and easy to remember passwords – without bells and whistles. You just need to enter:

  • Any special Name to you.
  • Any special word to you.
  • Any Special date to you.

Hit the ‘Create password’ and you will get easy to remember password. Click on “Click here and I will make a new one!” to get more password options for the entered information. Play around and select the password you like. [PasswordBird]

After you have created an easy to remember password and want to check “how strong this password is?” Here are 3 Easy ways to check your password Strength.


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