Get Email alerts for new Youtube videos you like


With so much information and content overload, tracking stuff of personal interest in not easy. We already know cool way of using Google Alerts & Favbot to track any word (or keyword) across the interest and receive email notification for the same. Video-Alerts does similar for new Youtube videos.

Using this free web service, you can track new Youtube videos with ease. After you setup alert for Youtube videos of your favorite artist, music band, topic – receive an email per day loaded with latest and relevant Youtube videos. Bloggers can use this service to be the first to learn about new videos and post it to their blog.

Besides, it provide an easy way to follow latest videos from your favorite artists and performers. Get heads up when someone reviews your product or just mentions it in his video. Setup your Youtube Video alert and get ready for latest Youtube videos – served hot!



  1. fine very nice

  2. Dave Newton says

    Nice – Why didn’t they think of that before?



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