How to stop specific Notification alerts on Facebook

Facebook notification system will display alert to almost every activity related to your account, friends, groups you have joined, photos uploaded, comments and much more. You can view new notifications at Globe icon next to Search box at the top. These notification can overwhelm and

Get paid iPad apps for free

You can spice up iPad experience through host of different applications. We have already seen few best iPad apps for your tablet device. Majority of iPad apps are paid and you need to pay to download & use them. Free App Alert website allows you to get alerts when a paid iPad app

Someone remove as Facebook friend: UnFriender

Adding new friends on Facebook gives good feeling, as your are increasing your friend circle on Facebook. But what you do when someone deletes you from the friend list?  You will never come to know if someone has deleted you from his/her friend list. Number of friends in the list will

Google Wave Notifier for new Wave desktop alerts

Google Wave promises to be 'next big thing' in online messaging and real time communication. We have already seen easy to use Google Wave shortcuts for quick browsing in Google Wave interface. If you have become addictive to Google Wave, then Wave desktop notifier app should makes things

Get email or Twitter alerts for new Free iPhone apps

There are number of paid iPhone apps listed on the app store. Good percentage of these paid apps go Free after some period of time. Tracking all those apps going free and loading up on your iPhone isn't easy. FreeAppAlerts website makes this all easy and simple. It is a free alert service

Get Email alert when your Wikipedia pages are edited

Wikipedia is a great source of information on virtually any topic. Anybody can make changes on information on majority of Wikipedia pages which sometimes results in bad and incorrect information. Wiki Alarm provide an easy way to keep check on this by sending out email alert whenever your

Mac like Jazzy notification with Growl for Windows

Growl adds jazzy and cool looking notification pop-up boxes on Mac systems. Now you can relish this feature on your Windows based computer with Growl for Windows. It is a universal notification system for different applications like Firefox on your computer with super cool looks and easy

Google Calendar alert reminders on desktop, Gminder

Are you tired of keeping browser window open to track and remain updated with events in Google Calendar? Now you can avoid all this with Gminder desktop client and close web browser window showing online Google Calendar. Gminder is a small programs that sits in system tray and give you

Get Pagerank change alerts of multiple URLs in Email

We have already seen ways to get alerts for stories related to any keyword or alerts for new Youtube videos of your interest. Here is similar web service 'PageRankAlert' for receiving alerts of pagerank changes of any website or URL. It is a simple and free web service that send alerts via

Get Email alerts for new Youtube videos you like

With so much information and content overload, tracking stuff of personal interest in not easy. We already know cool way of using Google Alerts & Favbot to track any word (or keyword) across the interest and receive email notification for the same. Video-Alerts does similar for new

Track any Keyword across internet on the fly

All of us are interested in different type of content available on internet. So, how can you track favorite keywords or topics on the internet? Google Alerts is one cool way to track favorite keywords. To get started: goto Google Alerts, enter your keyword, select type among 'News,