Get the hottest buzz on Twitter with TwitterMeter


Want to know topics, people and places creating the maximum buzz at Twitter? Well, Twitter Meter is here to help you. Just like Google Trends can reveal trend among keywords being searched, TwitterMeter lets you do the same for Twitter.

Check out the above comparison of Obama VS Hilary – clearly Obama is buzzing hot while Hillary is bit cold among Twittering community.

Twitter meter lets you query an index of all the words that have been sent to twitter’s public timeline since it started gathering them on 11/6/2007 and plot the number of times that word was used over time.

It uses Twitter’s API to scrape the public page and get you results for the keyword you want. It also has ‘fuzzy search’ option. When this option is checked, it will search for any word that starts with what you type in the box (so it would pick up both “twitter” and “twitter’s”).

Details: TwitterMeterAbout

One handy way to know the who is popular or getting popular or fading away in public memory. Get a clear picture of what people are twittering about with TwitterMeter. Via RWW 


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