Handing URLs on SmartPhone made easy & short with ceSnipURL


Working with long URLs can be a real big task on not so big screen of your smartphone.

Incase you indulge in email, IM, twittering on your PDA or Windows Mobile Phone then CeSnipURL utility can for sure make your Techno Life easy.

CeSnipURL is a little free utility that allows you to shorten URL’s to make them more friendly for use in twitter and sms messages or mobile email, preventing links form wrapping in email helps them maintain their click-ability when sending them.

Using them in SMS saves you precious characters and allows more text space to describe the url your sending. This utility make handling of URLs much easier on smartphone as against use of web based URL snipping services.

After conversion the snipped url is placed on the clipboard for use in your sms, email ot any other application etc. Download CeSnipURL and make your life easy handling URLs on your Windows mobile phone or PDA. [via Mobility Site]


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