Convert any HTML File or Clipboard text into PHP file


It is not easy to find way through while creating PHP files. Yeah, PHP is not an easy language to get hold on. But hey, this should be an excuse for you to stop writing some cool stuff.

You can always write in text editor or create HTML files and later convert them into PHP files. HTML to PHP is a free utility by Dirk Paehl that allows you to convert HTML files into perfectly coded PHP files on the fly.

Cannot create HTML files? Not an issue, this utility can also generate PHP files from text on the clipboard. Using this utility is very easy and basic. Download (27Kb) and install the utility.

Launch the utility and select the location of HTML file and check the output location for resultant PHP file. Click on convert button and its all done. You can use convert clipboard button to directly convert clipboard text into PHP files. Now, who says PHP language is difficult to get hold on?


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