Hide Firefox Find bar with shortcut key


Find bar is a useful Firefox feature that allows you to search and highlight any text on current webpage. Ideally, you can press Ctrl + F or goto Edit > Find to show Find bar in Firefox browser. But to close or hide the Find bar you need to manually click X button. How about doing same with a shortcut key?


“Hide Find Bar with Ctrl+F” is a neat Firefox addon that allows you to close Find bar with same shortcut key as used to open Find bar. Press Ctrl + F to open Find bar and press Ctrl + F again to hide / close the Find bar. One small and useful addon to manage Find bar using shortcut key, download Hide Find Bar plugin.



  1. Too bad this extension is gone; it is exactly how I want to close the find bar.

    Martin is partially wrong; ESC won’t close the find bar when it does not have the focus. CTRL+F should.

    Charles Kane’s disrespect of people who have preferences other than “Search for text when I start typing” is what is “truly ridiculous”.

    • Further research found that the extension author changed its name and released a newer update: Toggle Find Bar.




  2. To close the Find bar using the keyboard

    1) Ctrl-F (to highlight the Find bar)
    2) Esc (closes the Find bar)


  3. That’s truly ridiculous. With the “Search for text when I start typing” option turned on just typing opens the quick find bar and immediately starts the find. The bar disappears without user interaction after a short time. F3 will still go to the next instance of the find.

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