How to access Old Version of your favorite Software?


Each one of us use different set of software to facilitate in daily ‘Techno routine’. Every software (well almost!) has new version release after a period of time with possible improvements and new features.

However, sometime new version of software is not to our liking and we start looking for previous older version. So, how to access old version of your favorite software? ‘Oldversion’ – because newer is not always better, is a possible alternative.

It is a repository of old version of number of software classified under different categories like – communication, graphics, multimedia, internet, file sharing, utilities, security etc. Just select the software of your choice and it will list all available version ready for download. This is a very good resource to download older version of application software like image editing, music software, utilities.

However, you should install latest version of software that involve web or internet interface like Instant Messengers etc. Currently OldVersion has 2421 versions of 181 programs. Homepage lists most popular files and recently added files. Checkout Oldversion for older version of software you need!



  1. sheila lindsey says

    im so upset about not getting bckand keeping the old version im sure im going to swith its not fair and im serious like i said its not fair and we at least deserve to have an option of what we want!

  2. sheila lindsey says

    i am totally upset about losing my old version of yahoo home page because its not fair. we should all have a choice if we wanna keep the old version we should be able to do so, im upset and i think its very, very unfair!!

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