Best websites to download Old version software

"New is not always better", this does apply at-least to few software programs which we use on regular basis.  As such, new versions of application software are released with more features and enhanced functionality. There are times, we need to grab old version of our favorite software as a

Switch between old & new Gmail interface

Gmail has added lot of features over period of time which is supported only on modern (updated) web browsers. If you are accessing Gmail in (very) old web browser version, then older Gmail version or HTML version will load by default. Besides the automatic redirection, you can manually

How to access Old Version of your favorite Software?

Each one of us use different set of software to facilitate in daily 'Techno routine'. Every software (well almost!) has new version release after a period of time with possible improvements and new features. However, sometime new version of software is not to our liking and we start