Best websites to download Old version software

"New is not always better", this does apply at-least to few software programs which we use on regular basis.  As such, new versions of application software are released with more features and enhanced functionality. There are times, we need to grab old version of our favorite software as a

Nokia Ovi 2.1 with Windows 7 support

The finnish mobile maker Nokia has recently launched the latest version of Nokia Ovi Suite as a final and stable version. Nokia Ovi Suite 2.1 comes with new features removing bugs and errors from the previous Beta versions. Nokia Ovi Suite 2.1 has finally launched this release to

10 product key / serial ID reveal & recover tools

Product Key / Serial ID is very important to continue using any legal software. Ideally you can find product key on a slip pasted on the CD cover of respective software. But hey, how many of us safe keep those CD covers? Incase you lost the CD cover and thinking of reinstalling software

6 websites to download portable USB applications

Portable applications do not require any installation and involves no bells and whistles. You can just copy application in a USB drive, double click the app file and start using it. Such applications do not leave traces of your activity on the computer. You can use your favorite software

Find alternative to any software application program

Sometimes a cherished and favorite software disappoints as a result of new update or feature change. Then begins search for alternative software of your favorite software application or program. We get about asking friends, post on forums, social websites to check of different alternative

How to access Old Version of your favorite Software?

Each one of us use different set of software to facilitate in daily 'Techno routine'. Every software (well almost!) has new version release after a period of time with possible improvements and new features. However, sometime new version of software is not to our liking and we start