List latest or newest files on Windows PC


Do you want to see list of latest files created on your Windows computer? Ideally within a folder you can right click and goto Arrange Icons by > Modified to view listing of latest modified files. Incase you want to view list of latest or newest files within a drive or folder(s), then checkout free portable tool ‘DriveSort’.

See latest files by creation date

1. Download DriveSort utility [weblink]
2. Unzip downloaded file, double click it to launch the program.
3. Select the drive or folder and click to select “Date (newest files)’ option.

4. Click ‘GO’ button to get listing of latest files created on your PC. Besides the filename, it also show associated filesize, date created and path.

See largest files by size

DriveSort utility also has option to show lagest files by size on your computer. Just select the largest files option and click GO button to view files listing. Alternatively, you can try List Large Files program or Primitive File Size Chart for similar display of largest files in a user friendly interface.


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