Check BIOS version type on Windows

BIOS stands for Basic Input Output System. It is contained on every computer system and makes sure every component like CPU, Hard drives, Ports work together in proper order. BIOS software contains information to start and function a computer. BIOS software can be updated after sometime

View CPU core count & L1, L2, L3 cache information

CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a the heart of computer. Do you want to view technical specifications of CPU of your computer? Such detailed CPU information is very important for developers in understanding and developing applications as per CPU specifications. CPU Identify is a portable

List latest or newest files on Windows PC

Do you want to see list of latest files created on your Windows computer? Ideally within a folder you can right click and goto Arrange Icons by > Modified to view listing of latest modified files. Incase you want to view list of latest or newest files within a drive or folder(s), then

My Win Info [by TothePC Labs]

Do you want to quickly see basic information about Windows operating system installed on the computer? 'My Win Info' utility makes this a single click routine. It is a portable utility (does not require installation) that display basic information about Windows OS on your PC. Also, you can

Hard drive SMART information to check hard disk problems

Hard drive is at the heart of any computer, if it goes bad - one can lose all the information and system wont start at all. To can take preventive steps, you can check Hard drive for any possible 'technical' problems by looking through SMART information. SMART stands for Self-Monitoring,

See HardDrive details: partitions, bytes, sectors, tracks

Technical details can be overwhelming, specially when displayed in unformatted manner. There are number of utilities to view basic hardware / software details of a computer like portable Speccy and system information tool. Ever wanted to see finer details of hard drive (partitions) on your

Suspend & resume memory hogging Window processes

It is common for few process (applications) to hang and not respond while using computer. Ideally, we go to task manager and kill process not responding as a result of high memory consumption. This allows us to use other applications (processes) on the computer but our work on the ended or

Check for Hardware Virtualization processor support

Virtualization is an interesting concept where you can setup virtual operating system over existing operating system. Further you can use virtual operating system to install software and use them without affecting the original operating system install. To run virtualization programs on

Portable computer hardware specifications viewer

Do you want to know finer details of different hardware components on the computer? Portable tool Speccy display all the juicy details of important components on your computer. Being portable, you can unzip and use this utility anywhere without any need to install (or carry it in USB pen

Disable JQS.exe process & free memory

We have already discused about JQS.exe process. It stands for Java Quick Start, which catches Java runtime files to faciliate quick loading of Java applets and apps on the computer. Being a memory hogger and used rarely by average computer user, you can disable this process and free up

What is JQS.exe process

There are number of processes that start and run in the background on your Windows computer. JQS.exe is a classic example of such process. JQS stands for Java Quick Start. As the name suggests, it is related to Java installed on the computer. A quick look at Task Manager show JQS.exe

See percentage of Free memory (RAM) on computer

Do you want to keep eye on amount of free memory (RAM) on computer while using it? Better Memory Meter is a cool utility that sits on the system tray and show the percentage amount of memory free on the computer. It is real time free memory display, hence percentage figure changes as more