Check for Hardware Virtualization processor support


Virtualization is an interesting concept where you can setup virtual operating system over existing operating system. Further you can use virtual operating system to install software and use them without affecting the original operating system install. To run virtualization programs on computer, you need to have a processor that supports hardware virtualization. Following tools should help in checking for that.

Portable Securable Tool


It is a free portable tool that does not confuse with unnecessary processor details. It simply tell YES or NO for Hardware Virtualization support on your PC. It also show information about Hardware DEP and maximum bit length. You can click on either of displayed info button for more detailed information. Download Securable

Microsoft Hardware-Assisted Virtualization Tool


Alternatively, you can use Hardware-assisted virtualization (HAV) detection tool from Microsoft. It checks if the computer processor supports Hardware Virtualization and if this setting is enabled. Microsoft HAV Tool


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