Hard drive SMART information to check hard disk problems

Hard drive is at the heart of any computer, if it goes bad - one can lose all the information and system wont start at all. To can take preventive steps, you can check Hard drive for any possible 'technical' problems by looking through SMART information. SMART stands for Self-Monitoring,

See HardDrive details: partitions, bytes, sectors, tracks

Technical details can be overwhelming, specially when displayed in unformatted manner. There are number of utilities to view basic hardware / software details of a computer like portable Speccy and system information tool. Ever wanted to see finer details of hard drive (partitions) on your

Check for Hardware Virtualization processor support

Virtualization is an interesting concept where you can setup virtual operating system over existing operating system. Further you can use virtual operating system to install software and use them without affecting the original operating system install. To run virtualization programs on

Portable computer hardware specifications viewer

Do you want to know finer details of different hardware components on the computer? Portable tool Speccy display all the juicy details of important components on your computer. Being portable, you can unzip and use this utility anywhere without any need to install (or carry it in USB pen

View detailed motherboard DMI Information

Motherboard (mainboard) is hardware base for any computer. Do you want to see detailed motherboard DMI information of the motherboard on the computer? Portable utility" Mainboard DMI Information" makes this all easy. It shows detailed information of different aspects of motherboard on the

Download HQ poster image of computer hardware parts

An average computer knows more about Google, internet rather than RAM, hard drive, memory, ports on the computer. Here is very high resolution poster showing clear images of different hardware components on your computer. Hard drive, ports, RAM, CPU slots, card slots - its all

See current video display & hardware information specs

Do you want to see video display properties of your computer hardware without flipping through different windows and dialog boxes? Video information is a handy utility that show basic video information of your computer. Besides the video card and system name, it shows current screen

Calculate Power Supply wattage requirement online

Different specification of components results in varying power supply wattage requirement. It is important to install power supply unit with required wattage to make computer work properly. Power supply requirement is calculated taking into consideration specifications of different

See video card & graphics (GPU) details on computer

[For starters: GPU stands for Graphic Processing Unit] Ever wanted to finer details of video card or GPU on your computer? GPU-Z is a small utility that show details of installed video hardware on the computer. This utility does not require installation, just download and double click to

View detailed system information (hardware & usage)

At times we need to access and view detailed information about different components in the computer. Just like utility to see complete list of drivers on the computer, here is another cool utility to see loads of information about your computer. Auslogics System Information utility provide