Mute or silence ringtone on Windows Phone 7


Few public and private places require mobile phones to be set to silent mode. Your phone ringing at such place can cause major embarassement. You can easily mute and set Windows Phone 7 mobile device to ‘silent’ or ‘vibrate’ mode. This can be done quickly done using¬†either of volume button on Windows Phone 7 mobile device.

Set Windows Phone to ‘Silent’ mode

1. Press either of up or down volume button to see Volume bar.

2. Then tap ‘Ring’ icon, Windows phone will be set to vibrate or silent mode depending on custom settings as explained below.

Customize ‘Vibrate’ phone settings

1. On Start screen, flick left to the App list and then tap Settings.

2. Then tap Ringtones & sounds option.

3. Set ‘Vibrate’ to ON, if you want phone to vibrate when set to silent mode. Set ‘Vibrate’ to OFF, if you do not want phone to vibrate when you silence it.


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