How to mute volume on iPad


Are you looking for quick and easy way to mute volume on Apple ipad? For starters, the mute button has been replaced by ‘Screen rotation lock’ which is used to lock and prevent screen rotation while physically rotating the ipad device. There are only ‘volume up’ and ‘volume down’ buttons at top right side of ipad.

Quickly mute audio on iPad

To mute sound audio on iPad use the ‘volume down’ button. Press the Volume Down button until the sound is completely off. This is the only way to mute volume on Apple iPad. You can also mute click sounds made while typing on iPad by going to settings.

Use Screen lock button to Mute [iOS 4.2 & above]

If you have updated iPad software to iOS 4.2 and above, then you can quickly mute volume by pressing Screen rotation lock button. Further, to lock screen rotation you can find screen lock button within iPad interface (instead of physical button).



  1. While using skype the screen will lock on mute and I can’t free it to talk, all I can do is listen

  2. Hello,

    I have updated my Ipad, and when I want to Mute, former screen lock button, I will say it is on mute, but it isn’t. Am I the only one or are there more?

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