iPad screen lock mutes sound in iOS 4.2

Pressing screen lock button on side of iPad is not locking screen and instead it mutes sound on iPad. You are likely to face this issue, if you have updated the iPad software to iOS 4.2 (or above). This software updates changes screen orientation lock button into mute volume button. For

How to mute volume on iPad

Are you looking for quick and easy way to mute volume on Apple ipad? For starters, the mute button has been replaced by 'Screen rotation lock' which is used to lock and prevent screen rotation while physically rotating the ipad device. There are only 'volume up' and 'volume down' buttons

Application specific volume control in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with a sparkling new feature to control the volume of specific applications running on your system. Now you can either boost up or silence the volume level of any application without interfering the Master volume of the system. It implies, you can set different volume

Mute & change volume with keyboard hotkeys

Want to mute and turn off sound volume with keyboard shortcut keys? Volume Hotkeys is a dead simple portable tool to change volume settings with keyboard hotkeys. With this program you can use keyboard shortcuts to mute volume or up/down volume quickly. Use Volume Hotkeys shortcuts 1.

Control system sound Volume by rolling Mouse Wheel

Don't want to click to control volume on your computer? Well, you have option to use mouse wheel to control sound volume on computer using free utility Volumouse. Using this utility you can configure set of rules when to use wheel to change sound volume on the system. For example, you