Turn off internal beep sound on Windows 7

Are you annoyed of computer making beep sound? Computer make small beep sound using internal speaker in the computer ( PC tower) case. Such beeps are used for diagnostic and troubleshooting purposes. If your PC is working fine, you do not need to hear these beeps. You can easily disable

iPad screen lock mutes sound in iOS 4.2

Pressing screen lock button on side of iPad is not locking screen and instead it mutes sound on iPad. You are likely to face this issue, if you have updated the iPad software to iOS 4.2 (or above). This software updates changes screen orientation lock button into mute volume button. For

Change default system sounds on Windows 7

Are you bored of usual sounds while using Windows 7 computer? You can easily add customization to default sounds on Windows 7 by making changes to existing sound scheme. You can select different sound for specific Window's action and even add own song to be played while using Windows 7

Create music loops & patterns at Aviary online editor

Do you want to create a sound bite with custom beats? No need to learn musical instruments, you can play around online and create interesting musical compositions online using Aviary music editor. You can use different types of piano, guitars and drum beats and mix them as per requirement

How to mute volume on iPad

Are you looking for quick and easy way to mute volume on Apple ipad? For starters, the mute button has been replaced by 'Screen rotation lock' which is used to lock and prevent screen rotation while physically rotating the ipad device. There are only 'volume up' and 'volume down' buttons

Disable & mute click sound while typing on iPad

Do you find clicking sound while typing on Apple iPad irritating? You can easily get over this annoying click sound on iPad by disabling 'Keyboard click' sound option. Disable this feature under settings to enjoy mute sound-less typing on your ipad device. Disable clicking sound on iPad

Mute Explorer click sounds in Windows 7

Are you annoyed by Windows Explorer click sounds? You can easily turn off and mute such sounds on your Windows 7 computer. After making following settings change, your window 7 PC will be more quiet allowing soundless PC usage (and of course, some piece of mind). Turn off explorer

Application specific volume control in Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with a sparkling new feature to control the volume of specific applications running on your system. Now you can either boost up or silence the volume level of any application without interfering the Master volume of the system. It implies, you can set different volume

Mute & change volume with keyboard hotkeys

Want to mute and turn off sound volume with keyboard shortcut keys? Volume Hotkeys is a dead simple portable tool to change volume settings with keyboard hotkeys. With this program you can use keyboard shortcuts to mute volume or up/down volume quickly. Use Volume Hotkeys shortcuts 1.

Switch default Audio Sound Card from system tray

Ideally, you will have to click (and click) to open Control Panel to change the default audio device. If you often change the audio device, how about doing it quickly from the system tray? STADS (System Tray Audio Device Switcher) is a free program that allows you to toggle and switch the

HiYo cool emoticons, sounds, winks for Live Messenger

Is your Windows Live Messenger getting boring? Well, you can easily spice it up with new fun goodies using HiYo Live Messenger add-on. It adds tons of cool Winks, Emoticons, Anim

Listen & Download Sounds from Outer Alien World

Tired of listening to usual sounds? Well, get a sound makeover by listening to some sounds from Outer World. Yeah, you get to listen to sound of Aliens while on earth at AlienSonic. Sounds are really interesting and spooky.