New OS Brothers, Linux’s Vixta & Window’s Vista


Are you strict believer and user of Linux, but also got attracted to looks of Microsoft Window’s Vista? If so, don’t worry, Linux got solution to this issue with Linux’s Vixta.

Its not just name, even looks are very similar. You can call it as Linux’s answer to Window’s Vista.

Vixta is a Fedora based Linux distro with the same desktop appearance as that of Windows Vista. Vixta also got Widgets and lot of other features.

So, what is the difference? well bigger difference is… Linux, it is Free, open source and you know the story between Linus and Microsoft. Here is how Linux Vixta desktop screen looks… quiet similar to Vista, brothers in action!

Linux Vixta: HomepageDownload

Definately an upgrade option for Linux users, if not for Window users. The race has just begun!



  1. does seem very interesting , might switch over from suse dear ;)

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