Shortcut to open links in new tab in Google Chrome


Here is quick tip while opening links in Google Chrome browser. A click on any link may or may not open it in new tab or window. If you want to make sure links open in new tab instead of same tab or in new window, following are two shortcuts worth remembering and use:


– Use middle mouse button. Press and click middle scroll wheel while clicking on link to make it open in new tab in Google Chrome browser.

– If your mouse does not have middle button, then use combination of Ctrl and left mouse button to click on links and make them open in new tab in Google Chrome browser.

Handy shortcuts to make weblinks open in new tab and browse web easy in Google Chrome browser [via Chrome Blog].



  1. As of Feb 2011, it appears there’s no way to change the default of opening a link in the same tab with a left click.

  2. Where is the setting to automatically open links in a new window, instead of a new tab? This makes much more sense to me as I’m more a keyboard person than a mouse.

  3. When I open a link in a new tab, I want it to remember the previous page position. That is if I have moved the page over to view the primary display content and not the side bars, I would like the new tab to have the same position.

  4. I agree with Justin. It’s the main thing that keeps me from switching from Opera to Chrome.

  5. Any idea how to set the default so that a left click opens up in a new tab? chrome always used to do this for me and recently it’s changed so that whenever I click on a link it opens up an entirely new window for each link….it’s extremely irritating. Thanks for any help….

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