Find & delete broken shortcuts on Windows

Desktop shortcuts allows us to open application programs quickly on Windows. While installing software, a desktop shortcut icon or link is created on Windows PC. Over a period of time lot of shortcut icons are created (and some deleted) as we install and uninstall programs. We can easily

Create Keyboard shortcut for applications in Windows 7

We open, use and close lot of applications while working on Windows 7 computer. One can easily save time and do things quickly by launching applications with keyboard shortcut hotkeys instead of manual clicking. On Windows 7, you can create and assign keyboard shortcuts to application

PC Shutdown & Restart shortcut icons on desktop

Do you find it boring and time consuming to click start menu to able to shutdown, restart or hibernate computer? You can easily avoid start menu and perform similar routine using quick shortcut icons on Windows desktop. For this you need to create shortcut icons for shutdown, restart and

Computer shutdown & restart shortcut in Windows 7

Do you want an extra ease of shutting down your PC instead of usual routine of clicking on Start and shutdown buttons? You can easily create a desktop shortcut for PC shutdown, restart and logoff. There after, just click the shortcut  button to close or restart computer quickly. Create a

Create desktop shortcut of webpage in Chrome [drag drop]

Google Chrome may look minimalistic but it for sure is loaded with lot of cool features. For example, easy to use 'drag-drop' feature to create desktop shortcut of currently viewed webpage in Google Chrome browser. This feature enable user to quickly create desktop shortcut link of any

How to launch programs with shortcut hotkeys

Ideally we go to start menu options or double click icons to launch different program on Windows computer. You can quicken up the process of opening programs by assigning quick to use keyboard shortcut key (hotkeys). This is possible by using free utility hotkeyz. Hotkeys to launch

Add webpage Print Preview shortcut key & button

Do you print lot of online content? Shorcut key for print preview can for sure make your life easy. Firefox users can easily add easy to access print preview options using "Print Preview" plugin. Open any webpage and you can access print preview window using a shortcut key. right click

Shortcut to open links in new tab in Google Chrome

Here is quick tip while opening links in Google Chrome browser. A click on any link may or may not open it in new tab or window. If you want to make sure links open in new tab instead of same tab or in new window, following are two shortcuts worth remembering and use: - Use middle

How to add folder & applications to My Computer window?

Do you want to add a specific folder to My Computer window for quick and easy access? Shedko Folder2MyPC is a small application that allows placing of any folder or application directly in My Computer and / or Control Panel Window. This will allow quick access to your favorite folders and

Add shortcut names to programs & open from Run box

Click on start > Run, a little box pops up - you can type full path of any application, folder or file in the run box and access it directly. However, typing the full path is too consuming and of boring (of course). AddToRun utility makes this  fun and super ease in using run box to