Permalink URL Redirection in WordPress


Having a consistent Permalink URL is very important. In case you decide to change permalink strcutre of URL, make sure you install a redirector. This is very important to maintain consistent backlinks and other in coming links. For example you have submitted your post to a social networking site like digg.

The URL is Now, you have decided to change the URL format to Using this URL redirector plugin all the URLs will be converted itself and correct post pages will appear. It is very easy to install and involves almost no configuration.

Fucoder Plugin: DownloadRead More 

Following is the simple installation procedure:

  1. Download the plugin and unzip it.
  2. Upload it in WordPress plugin directory.
  3. Then click on activate next the plugin name.
  4. For configuration, click on options, click on permalink redirect.
  5. In the old permalink structure box, enter the old permalink structure format.

Note, there are number of options on this configuration page. However, only configuring the old permalink structure will make this work. You can still play around with other options in testing mode though!



  1. I think your idea is so good, i will try.

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