Redirect Folder to control panel using Notepad

Is you PC used by many people at home or office and you need to secure the data? You can secure it by redirecting a folder to some other location (like Control panel). You can apply this redirection to any folder containing important files and folders using Notepad. This helps protect

Disable Google redirect to local country Google domain redirects to local Google country specific domain, depending on the country you are located. For example in India redirects to - in China Google.con redirects to - similarly it redirects in other countries. Do you want to disable this

Redirect old Blog URL with a WordPress theme

There are number of ways to redirect one URL to another. We have already seen Wordpress plugin for redirection when you change URL permalink structure. Using a plugin on Multi-blogging system like Wordpres MU can make things complicated. Wordpress theme 'redirectr' should come more than

Permalink URL Redirection in WordPress

Having a consistent Permalink URL is very important. In case you decide to change permalink strcutre of URL, make sure you install a redirector. This is very important to maintain consistent backlinks and other in coming links. For example you have submitted your post to a social