Redirect old Blog URL with a WordPress theme


There are number of ways to redirect one URL to another. We have already seen WordPress plugin for redirection when you change URL permalink structure. Using a plugin on Multi-blogging system like Wordpres MU can make things complicated. WordPress theme ‘redirectr’ should come more than handy in such situations.

This wordpress theme does not show any output. It only redirects your old blog URL to new blog URL. Download and install it like any other WordPress theme. Then under settings option: enter the final URL, where the existing blog should redirect. It also allows you to configure redirect as temporary or permanent.

There is more: if you are using same permalink URL structure on old and new blogs, then you can redirect single post pages to same pages on new blog. For example: will be redirected to Download redirectr for one easy and simple way to redirect WordPress blogs. [Redirect RSS Feed on WordPress or Blogger blogs]



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