Reading Sucks? Time to Listen to your favorite Blogs


Are you bored and tired of reading lot of content? We have already seen VozMe to listen to blog posts. Here comes another cool web service with lot of features to listen to blog post of your favorite blogs – BlogBard.

With BlogBard you can turn any news/feed to a personalized radio. Click here to Listen to Techno Life tothepc Blog posts. Even though I have written all those posts, I still wanted to listen to them. Audio output was very clear and it was a pleasure listening to Techno Life stuff ;)

Though the basic concept of converting text into speech is not new, but the number of ways you can access this service is for sure new. Here goes:

Add it to your Blog – Enter the name or RSS feed address of your Blog. Then use the embed code to put BlogBard voice box on your blog. Click on the post you want to listen and you very own radio show will begin.

Integration with Google Reader & BlogLines – This service has sound integration with Google Reader and BlogLines. You can listen to any blog you are already subscribed to. This integration should attract many more users.

Here is more, this service is already optimized for iPhone and iPod touch. Blackberry and Treo support will be added soon. You can also download the entire feed as audio via iTunes.

One intelligent text to voice service that has excellent interface options of adding it to your blog, Google Reader, Bloglines, iphone support and much more.

BlogBard – Click here to Listen to any Blog 

I have listened Techno Life blog posts many times now, reminding you again about the Techno Life link on BlogBard. Listen, learn and enjoy!



  1. Microsoft ROCKS!!! I feel so bad when people say bad things about microsoft! Apple looks like a toy, and Microsoft is the best!

  2. I’d read abt this service on, and thought it was a good service. Right now I enjoy feeds, so no need for this. But if I’m in a time crunch, this should be interesting.

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