Repair corrupt MKV Matroska video files


Do you want to play a broken or corrupt MKV video file? Meteorite is a free MKV Matroska file repair engine utility. It allows you to repair corrupt MKV video files (not all though). So, if you have converted any video file into MKV format or already have a MKV video file that is broken – try this utility to fix it.

Meteorite MKV video file repair

1. Download Meteorite MKV video repair tool.
2. Unzip & double click to launch utility. It is a portable utility and does not require any install.


3. Drag and drop broken MKV video file to program window to start the repair process.



  1. I dumped an mkv file on Meteorite.But it didn’t actualy repair it.It just removed the bad part of the mkv movie.
    It’s great that you’re doing a great effort to develope a omportant program like this,but it does not repair.It just cuts away the bad part of the mkv.

  2. Hey,

    Is it possible to get that binaries for win without the damn warning from my antivirus about a “JOKE/Agent.WC” code ?

    ha !

    btw, I thing this is a very good thing to have a mkv fix program, … that conatiner is really crap in the end for current usage!


  3. I tried this software with high hope on it.
    but it didn’t work on my MKv video.
    after I use, like in the instruction, but my my MKV video still broken…

  4. Hi there,
    i have tried using meteorite, but it only repair half of the video.
    Can you help me out?


  5. works fine! thx

  6. Erdem U. A. says

    My software progress has gone wrong. I recommend you not to download this file any further.

    Regards and regret,

    Erdem U. A.

    • Hey bro,

      Don’t despair so soon. Whiners and complainers (especially those too lazy to use their brain) exist everywhere around the world.

      Your tool works fine and beautifully.

      For the other users out there, kindly be informed that certain antiviruses (i.e. Kaspersky) will detect this tool as a virus EVEN THOUGH it isn’t.

      Paranoid and/or clueless users are advised to NOT download this fine application only to listen to your consistent white noise.

      Best regards,

      Caine Boon,

      Netapps & Unisys Field Ops Far East

  7. Hi!
    I am author of Meteorite. Unfortunately, there is some glitches about Vista/7.
    I make Windows tests on only XP32 bit. You have better to try t fix your file via Linux or MacOSX. In next version, I will try to fix this behavior.

    • Hello Erdem U. A.,

      when will the next version be available? Any chance to see it this year?

      Please keep up the good work!

  8. i have a corrupt mkv file with 4.28 Gb size , and i wanna to repair it.after download this file i did unzip and run it.16 hours is past cpu usage is change and it show this program is runing.what will happen when this proces done?

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