How to repair & remove MS Office 2010

Do you want to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 software installed on the computer? User may want to remove MS Office for re-installing it again in order to fix specific error. Alternatively, you can attempt to repair copy of Microsoft Office 2010 installed on the computer instead

Repair corrupt & damaged Zip files: Object Fix Zip

Are you trying to extract contents from a bad zip archive file? Default method of extracting contents from damaged zip file may throw error. Free tool 'Object Fix Zip' can help in fixing and processing of corrupt ZIP archive files that are partially damaged or not completely downloaded. It

Check Mp3 audio files for errors: portable audio tester

An audio file can contain number of errors which may not be detected during audio playback. Audio Tester is a portable utility that allows you to check error in audio files. It has easy to use drag drop interface for usage. You can check audio files of different formats including: MP3, Ogg

Repair corrupt MP3 audio files

Almost every user download and listen audio content in Mp3 format. Sometimes, Mp3 files are corrupt and does not playback in full. MP3val is a portable tool to find and fix corrupt Mp3 files on the computer. It can repair Mp3 audio files that are corrupt as a result of incomplete download

Repair corrupt MKV Matroska video files

Do you want to play a broken or corrupt MKV video file? Meteorite is a free MKV Matroska file repair engine utility. It allows you to repair corrupt MKV video files (not all though). So, if you have converted any video file into MKV format or already have a MKV video file that is broken -

Fix & recover damaged, corrupt ZIP files

Zip is most common archive file format. At times, zip file could be damaged or corrupt and as a result may not open. "DiskInternals ZIP Repair" utility allows you to recover and extract contents of damaged Zip files. It is a free and easy to use utility to fix and recover contents of

Fix IE tool to repair corrupt Internet Explorer

Are you facing any issue with Internet Explorer? If yes, then its time to repair Internet Explorer for smooth web browsing. We have already seen Repair IE utility to fix and repair issues with Internet Explorer. Fix IE is another utility to keep Internet Explorer is good shape. This tool

Repair corrupt & damaged AVI Video files

Partly damaged or corrupted AVI video files can give lot of problems during video playback of such files. Video freezes at random, fast forward and manual seek do not work. This all can happen when AVI video file that you are trying to play is corrupt or partly damaged. You can repair and

Tweak & Repair Internet Explorer with RepairIE

Internet Explorer crashing too often? Want to add customized features to IE like Open Favorites in a new window? 'RepairIE' is a cool utility that allows you to tweak and repair IE with ease. Incase something goes bad with the internet explorer, this utility allows you to reset to