Save printer ink by using Garamond typeface font


Printer ink costs is major contributor for every business entity. We have moved to digitization to improve efficiency and avoid printing. Still some documents has to be printed and shared in hard copy form. Besides printer ink costs, splashing too much ink is harmful to environment.


Matt Robinson [via] did an interesting comparison of different typefaces or fonts to check which font takes least amount of ink and which font was ink guzzlers. Here is the official line:

“… A selection of the most commonly used typefaces were compared for how economical they are with the amount of ink which they use at the same point size. Large scale renditions of the typefaces were drawn out with ballpoint pens, allowing the remaining ink levels to display the ink efficiency of each typeface.”


As seen above ‘Garamond’ font is best for saving maximum ink closely followed by ‘courier’. Ugly looking ‘Impact’ font and not so professional looking ‘Comic Sans’ were ink guzzlers. Now you know which font to use while printing documents in bulk and save lot of ink (& environment)! [How to keep track of printer usage & printed pages?]



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    great input

  2. font really matters when it comes to ink saving. the smaller the font the higher the savings. for more saving tips please read this

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