How to print on both sides of paper [duplex printing]

Printing can be expensive and resource hogging routine. Besides minimizing print ink usage by using various methods of font & size, you can also minimize paper usage through duplex printing method. It involves printing on both sides of the paper. Make sure you check if  Duplex printing

Check Duplex print support [double side printing]

Duplex printing means double side or both sides printing of a paper. This feature is very useful as it allows you to print on both sides of every paper. This results in lot of paper savings while printing large amount of stuff. However, not all printers support Duplex printing. Following

Smart ways to Print selective parts of webpages [save ink, paper]

If you print lot of webpages on reguarly basis, then small adjustment in printing routine can save lot of paper and print ink. Ideally, a user does not need all webpage elements in hard copy format like advertisements, header, logos etc. Hence, instead of printing whole webpage you can

Save printer ink by using Garamond typeface font

Printer ink costs is major contributor for every business entity. We have moved to digitization to improve efficiency and avoid printing. Still some documents has to be printed and shared in hard copy form. Besides printer ink costs, splashing too much ink is harmful to