Check Duplex print support [double side printing]


Duplex printing means double side or both sides printing of a paper. This feature is very useful as it allows you to print on both sides of every paper. This results in lot of paper savings while printing large amount of stuff. However, not all printers support Duplex printing. Following can help you check, if the printer you own has Duplex print feature or not.

Ways to check for Duplex print support

1. Check Printer option settings,  Open Printers & Faxes window and then right click printer icon & click properties option. Goto Advanced, printer defaults and check for options like: print on both sides of paper, duplex printing, two-sided printing etc.

2. Check the printer manual for duplex feature listing. You can also contact printer manufacturer or check official website for more details.

3. If your printer device has copy feature, then it is most likely to support duplex printing. However, make sure you confirm it with either of above 2 alterantive methods.

If your printer has Duplex support, make sure you use this smart way of printing. If duplex support is missing, you can still print both sides of paper using manual duplex method.


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