How to save ‘ready to print’ webpage as PDF file

Printing online webpages can be a confusing task for an average user. Here is the case, you have final webpage that should be printed but there is no printer connected to that computer. You need to save that final "ready for print" webpage as document file and then transfer it to computer

Which are Apple airprint & Google cloud ready printers

New generation printers do not require manual connection through wires for printing documents, photos and more. These printers can print wirelessly without need to for wired connection between computer and the printer. Using Apple's Airprint and Google's Cloud Print services you can print

Enable Google cloud print connector in Chrome

Google cloud print connector feature in Google Chrome promises to make printing more easy and quick. Ideally, you need software that connects Cloud Print with your printers. Latest Google Chrome 9 for Window has Cloud print connector feature. You need to enable Google Cloud Print connector

Change default Printer on Windows 7

While printing any document in a Word processing application like Word 2010, default printer is used for printing. If wrong printer is set as default, print command may not execute successfully. Also, you may have to manually chose a different printer everytime you want to print a document

Batch print multiple documents without opening files

Printing documents can be real pain, if you are sending lot of files for print. Ideally, you will open individual file and give command to print. You can automate and ease out this routine by batch printing of different type of documents without actually opening individual files using free

How to print on both sides of paper [duplex printing]

Printing can be expensive and resource hogging routine. Besides minimizing print ink usage by using various methods of font & size, you can also minimize paper usage through duplex printing method. It involves printing on both sides of the paper. Make sure you check if  Duplex printing

Check Duplex print support [double side printing]

Duplex printing means double side or both sides printing of a paper. This feature is very useful as it allows you to print on both sides of every paper. This results in lot of paper savings while printing large amount of stuff. However, not all printers support Duplex printing. Following

Smart ways to Print selective parts of webpages [save ink, paper]

If you print lot of webpages on reguarly basis, then small adjustment in printing routine can save lot of paper and print ink. Ideally, a user does not need all webpage elements in hard copy format like advertisements, header, logos etc. Hence, instead of printing whole webpage you can

Print folders & file details: Karens Directory printer

Beside printing usual documents, sometimes we need to printer folder contents and file details. One tiring and time consuming way is to manually type folder contents in a word file and then print it. Karens Directory printer program makes this all easy and very quick for printing

Save printer ink by using Garamond typeface font

Printer ink costs is major contributor for every business entity. We have moved to digitization to improve efficiency and avoid printing. Still some documents has to be printed and shared in hard copy form. Besides printer ink costs, splashing too much ink is harmful to

Check fonts, printer, keyboard for Euro symbol support

Do you want to check if Euro symbol is supported by fonts installed on the computer? EuroCheck is small utility that does this quick check in few simple clicks. It also check printer, keyboard and operating system on the computer for the Euro symbol support. It is a standalone

How to keep track of printer usage & printed pages ?

Is printing cost as a result of high paper and ink usage going up? Want to track who, when, what was printed using specific printer at your place? PaperCut Print Logger is a small free application to keep track of printer usage. It is a free print logging application for Windows systems