Show same photo of a Facebook Friend in Outlook


You have number of contacts in Outlook and similarly lot of friends on Facebook. Do you want to show same photo for same friends in Outlook and Facebook? If yes, then Outsync is the application you need.

It compares the Facebook and Outlook address book and identify common friends. Then it syncs photo of a common friend, resulting in same photo on Facebook and in Outlook. It also provide you option to sync specific contacts or all the matching contact on facebook and Outlook.

It is a free Windows application that is also useful for Windows Mobile users. Updated contacts are automatically synced with Windows Mobile devices by Exchange server or ActiveSync. Thus new and fun photos appear during calls and other places where contacts are used.

OutSync is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Server 2003. It requires Outlook 2003 or 2007. In case new friends are added on Facebook, then you need to run the application to sync newer contact between Facebook and Outlook.

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Well OutSync is free, so run it as many time you want. No confusion from now on, see same face of a particular friend on Outlook and Facebook, what say? [via DownloadBlog]


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