Spill your Secrets with power of Twitter by Textgasm


Are you itching to share your secrets with the world? Are you good enough to spill secrets within 140 characters? YES & YES, then Textgasm is for you.

Just like SecretTweet, it is a mashup of twitter + postsecret + reddit that allows you to share secrets with the world. Just type in your secret in less than 140 characters and you are set to share them with the world.

Your shared secrets will appear on Textgasm and @textgasm on twitter. In case you do not have anything to share, you can head over to textgasm to check what others have been spilling.

You can add you views by commenting on secrets out in open like “… I can’t get her off my mind, never have been able to. at the same time I am in love with my girlfriend. I can’t take this”.



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