Sync & Share Files on different PCs with Windows Live FolderShare


Just like Google relaunched its acquisition JotSpot as Google Sites, Microsoft is doing something similar. It has relaunched ‘FolderShare’ in more refined form as a part of Windows Live Services. It has two basic uses – Sync and Share files.

Using this, you can sync files on number of computers. It can create mirror images of selected files and folders over different computers. You can sync your Favorites, Pictures, and Documents on your work and home computers.

Using Folder Share you can sync files up to 2 GBs in size. Also, it works on both Mac and PC. You can easily share files with your friends located in different parts of the world.

As a part of Windows Live Services, FolderShare has improved functionality and user interface similar to other Live service (For example SkyDrive).

Details: FolderShare – More Info - ViaWindowsVistaBlog 

It is also supported for Windows Vista systems. Please note, FolderShare is still in beta and you may encounter few bugs while using it. Ready to sync and share?


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