Turn Off & disable Ping in iTunes


Ping is a comprehensive music based social networking service within iTunes. You can easily setup and use Ping account to interact with other people, artists, celebrities with similar taste in music. Few users may not want to interact and share on their iTunes purchases. You can stay private by disabling and turn off Ping in your iTunes.

Hide ‘Ping’ button in iTunes

Newer iTunes 10.1 (and above) update adds functionality to hide Ping button in iTunes program.

1. Goto Edit > Preferences

2. Then click to uncheck box next to ‘Ping’ option.

3. Click OK to update changes.

Completely disable ‘ping’ in iTunes

Above method only hides ping button in itunes software. You can completely disable Ping feature for your iTunes account using following procedure.

1. Open ‘Preferences’ menu in iTunes program.

2. Goto ‘Parental’ controls tab.

3. Click to uncheck tick ‘Ping’ to disable it.

Turn off Ping service in iTunes [Old method]

1. Open and launch iTunes on your computer.

2. Goto ‘View My Account’ under ‘Store’ menu option.

3. Scroll down on the account information page. Then click ‘Turn Off’ button next to Ping option.

You may get prompt to enter login information while accessing above settings. You can enable back Ping service from same setting page easily.



  1. If you want to get rid of the Ping dropdowns and all other traces of it, have a loot at this page: osxdaily.com/2010/09/25/disable-itunes-ping-buttons/

    A nice fix!

  2. @These are not the droids you’re looking:

    Exactly. Apple pulled a Microsoft move here, controlling what we can / can’t do/remove…garbage. I’d like the stupid drop-down button gone as well.

  3. These are not the droids you're looking for. says

    That doesn’t turn ping off, only your Ping account. I want all traces of it gone.

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