VLC player for iPad: play any video format


VLC player is very flexible and easy to use program to playback media files on the computer. Now you can get all the goodness of VLC player for desktop on your Apple iPad. Being open source, you can download and use VLC player app on your iPad for free. With built-in codecs, it allows you play most multimedia files and various streaming protocols.

Features of VLC player for iPad

1. It supports nearly all codecs for easy playback of media files.

2. It can even playback broken or damaged pieces of audio or video files.

3. Allows playback of media content that still has video and audio information intact.

4. Allows you to watch torrent downloaded movies without need to convert format.

5. Best video app for your Apple iPad device at wonderful price of $0.

Download VLC Player app for iPad for easy playback of audio and video files without worrying about media formats. VLC player for iPad is available for free download at iTunes store (Requires iPhone OS 3.2 or later).



  1. Can anyone tell me if there has ever been a converter that will play a exe video file on ipad, or is there any way to play it even without conversion. I know it was not possible, but I would never underestimate the power of research.

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  3. VLC on windows and Linux is awesome. Works with much more than just avi files. I haven’t found a media format yet that it doesn’t support (though i am sure there must be something!)

    I would be very confident installing it on an iPad

    If the installation doesn’t go easily as 2 posters have said, I really would persevere if you possibly can.
    If it is anything like the windows and linux versions it will be worthwhile

  4. Great app!! Looks like it only works with avi files but very sweet!

  5. Agree with zholy’s comment! Files uploaded to VLC app did not register in the list! This is a stupid app… it was a waste of time reading its features, downloading VLC, transferring files and then nothing happened! No wonder cost is $0. Someone better pull out this page because it’s just a bag of bullshit!

  6. Installed it, connected to itunes as directed, loaded files in the shared files window on my MBP, synced…..nothing. iPad VLC app shows no files loaded.so i always use my Aneesoft ipad video converter.

    • I’ve done it Though Itunes, Apps –> File Sharing –> VLC –> then drag/add movie to it. It takes quite a while before its on your Ipad, but it does work like a charm for all *.avi. Love the app!

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