Wanna Publish own Magazines? Two Quick ways are…


Do you have flair of writing and want to share it with world in the form of a magazine? Well, publishing magazine has never been so easy. No need to learn complex software application or hire any company to publish for you.

Checkout MagCloud that enables you to publish your own magazines. All you have to do is upload a PDF and remaining tasks of printing, mailing, subscription management is taken care off with ease.

It costs you nothing to publish a magazine on MagCloud. To buy a magazine costs 20¢ per page, plus shipping. For example, a 20-page magazine would be four bucks plus shipping.

Besides publishing, you can make some cool money. You set your issue price and all proceeds above the base price go to you. Magazines are printed using HP Indigo technology with brilliant full color with saddle-stitched covers.

If you are not interesting in print option and only want your magazine to float on the web, then checkout Issuu.

It is a free web service to create and share magazine. You can embed and view magazines by flipping pages within your web browser. Check a sample magazine.

Creating and publishing magazines made easy with Magcloud and Issuu. Ease your Techno Life and spread your creative flair with magazines, what say?

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    btw, issuu.com is cool!!!

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