Google Fast Flip: Browse top news & magazine websites

Google Fast Flip is new web service tool to quickly browse news and magazine content online like flip book. It shows screenshot of webpages of news stories from top newspaper and magazine websites. You can click through to see image in enlarged format for quick reading or further click to

Playboy magazine put free archive online

Playboy magazine - who does not know it or haven't seen it? If you are a Playboy magazine fan, here is bomb of a news and surprise at PlayboyArchive website. They have made available old versions of magazine for free web viewing. You can access free magazine issues from years 1954

Read popular magazines on computer with Google

Google is lot more than just web search, besides helping you out with holiday blues - it is all set to become hot destination to read your favorite magazines online. You can browse and read number of popular magazines online at Google Book search (of course, its all FREE!).

Vintage Life Magazine Photos on Google Image Search

Now you can browser image archives from Life magazine (American photo journal) on Google Image Search special section. Google has made special page with  vintage visuals

Wanna Publish own Magazines? Two Quick ways are…

Do you have flair of writing and want to share it with world in the form of a magazine? Well, publishing magazine has never been so easy. No need to learn complex software application or hire any company to publish for you. Checkout MagCloud that enables you to publish your own