10 ways to Tweet large (140+) messages on twitter


Twitter is an awesome web service to interact and socialize. Its user base is growing like wild fire and you for sure will find known people on Twitter. It is a micro blogging web service that restricts each message to 140 characters with no support for images and videos.

However, there are number of third party services that allows you to post massive large tweets breaking the 140 character barrier. You can even add videos and images in large message and tweet them on Twitter:

1. XL Tweet It has refined interface and functionality to format your large tweet messages. Besides adding extra characters, you can customize font color, size, type and positioning using easy to use online editor.


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2. Bigger TwitterIt has dead clean simple interface and works beautifully to post large tweet. Just login using Twitter account details, post your message and link containing your bigger tweet will be posted on your Twitter timeline.

3. Twit LongerIt has breezy interface with usual functionality to post longer tweets. Just enter large chuck of text, login using Twitter account details and link to your large tweet will be posted on Twitter timeline in NO time.

4. TwitBlogs–  It has been around for a while now and provide reliable add-on service to post large tweets. It has cool looking neat interface and only requires your Twitter login details for the job.

5. TwerboseDoes name reminds you of verbose? Anyway, this is newest web services that facilitate posting of massive tweets. You can load your tweets with lot of text, images and videos.


6. Bit TweetIt supports posting of large tweet with quick bookmarklet button for your Firefox or Internet Explorer.

7. TinyPaste It is an online editor which allows posting of large amount of text along with customization. Grab your final link and post it on Twitter.

8. Txt BinIt is similar to Tinypaste but does not allow customization of text for font color, size, type etc. Very cool alternatively to share lot of text in quick way: just type text, grab final URL and post on Twitter.

9. ShortText TwitzerShort Text web service has Twitzer firefox extension for posting large amount text on Twitter. Very useful for combo addicts of Firefox and Twitter.

10. 2Tweet It gears you up to post lots of text, videos and photos on Twitter timeline and share with your friends quickly. Looks good.

Just like Twitter userbase, number of Twitter application crop up real quick. If you know similar web service, give us a bump by adding a comment!



  1. twextra.com provides an easy way to post large, rich-text messages with videos, and images to twitter. Twextra makes tweeting a whole new experience. Give it a try, you would love it :)

  2. I built an app that lets you post longer than 140 characters called tweetc.com. It will also let you post by email and auto embed links :)

  3. Good nite #twitterland Hope everyone sleeps well. Talk to you’ll tomorrow and have some #twitterfun Hugs:-) Mary

  4. I found this so interesting, maybe because I’m a newbie in twitter. Thanks, I’ll be checking some on the list.

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