Web way to Fight Mortgage Brokers, Hate or Suck !


Mortgage crisis has engulfed US and there is new ‘web way’ to express discontent over the situation and after effects – ihatemortgagebrokers.com

Here goes: “… Mortgage Brokers convinced buyers they could always refinance however when the housing bubble burst, refinancing was no longer an option. Millions were suddenly stuck with astronomical loan payments, with no choice but to foreclosure.”

“… Our Website would like to give Foreclosure Victims this special opportunity to send the Mortgage Industry a BIG, Brash Message!”

To get your message across – “… Buy a T-shirt and Sign Petition to demand Stronger Regulation. Join the Mob of Enraged Americans who are Getting SWEET REVENGE with our Outrageous line of Products aimed at the Mortgage Industry!”

Above fine print says it all and T-shirt messages speak louder. If you are trapped in mortgage crisis this could well be one way to vent out your anger – web way to fight Mortgage Brokers, interested?

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