Windows 7 Show Desktop button in XP & Vista on right side of taskbar


show-desktop-win7-button-in-xp-1Windows 7 feature big glossy rectangle button to “show desktop” and minimize all opened windows. Now you can get similar button on Windows XP and Vista PC using “Show Desktop XP” app by Cellular. It will show glossy vertical rectangle button on right side of taskbar next to system clock.


Also,  Get Windows 7 like –  Superbar in XP & System Clock in Vista/XP

Mouse hover will change the background gradient effect and click will minimize all windows opened on your computer. Just download Show Desktop XP and double click to start using this app that brings cool show desktop button to XP and Vista computer – like it?



  1. Hi,

    Thank you for the program it’s very useful in windows XP! But there is a bug: with default settings (Method of showing minimizing windows set to “Toggle Desktop” ) when you click the button and the desktop is shown and you move the mouse pointer over the button, the button disappear. It reappear when to focus a window. This behavior doesn’t exists when Method of showing minimizing windows is set to “Minimize windows”.

    Anyway, this is a great program!


  2. …and it looks cool

  3. I love this and i tried it,it works well but does not show the exact color of my taskbar…

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