10 Windows XP Keyboard Shortcuts you may not know!


Majority of us still use Windows XP (Why? – you would know that). Many us still drive mouse pointer crazy to do simple task in Windows XP (Why? – this is only way we know, probably). Here is the list of 10 Windows XP Keyboard shortcuts you may not know:

  1. CTRL + Shift while dragging the item – Creates it shortcut.
  2. CTRL while dragging – copies the selected item.
  3. ALT + Enter – Displays properties window of the selected file.
  4. SHFT+F10 – Displays the shortcutmenu for the selected item.
  5. Windows + U– Displays the Utility Manager.
  6. Windows + D– Immediately show the desktop screen.
  7. Windows + Break – Display the System Properties dialog box.
  8. Windows + F + CTRL – Search for computers.
  9. F4 – Displays the Address bar list in Windows Explorer or My Computer.
  10. F10 – Activates the menu bar in the active program

You can for sure start using some of the above shortcut keys to do stuff quickly. Here is list of Windows Keyboard shortcuts you may have been using and should continue to use:

  • CTRL+C [Copy], CTRL+X [Cut], CTRL+V [Paste], CTRL+Z [Undo]
  • F2 – Rename an item, F3 – Search a file or folder, F5, Update or refresh
  • Win+E – My Computer, Win+L – keyboard lock, Win+R – Run Box.

P.S We all differ in the level of technical know – how and usage. Please don’t feel offended if you already knew the above 10 Keyword shortcuts!



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