Change default mailto links to Gmail, Yahoo, Live


Do you want to switch and change the default mailto email service on Windows 7, Vista or XP computer? There are number ways to make this setting change depending on which web browser you use. You can either change mailto setting in respective web browser preferences or use free utility to set any email service for default mailto links.

1. Change mailto settings in Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Goto Tools > Internet Options.
3. Click on “Programs” tab.
4. Select email service from drop down next to ’email’ label.

If your preferred choice of email service is not listed in drop down box then skip to STEP 3 of using free utility to make this setting change.

2. Change mailto settings in Firefox

1. Open Firefox browser.
2. Goto Tools > Options & click ‘applications’ tab.
3. Then select email service from drop down box next to ‘mailto’ label.

If specific choice of email service is not listed then skip to STEP 3 of using free utility to make this settings change.

3. Free utility to change default mailto

You can use Free utility “GmailDefaultMaker” to automatically change default mailto settings on Windows PC. While installing this utility, you can select either of: Gmail, AOL mail, Yahoo Mail, Windows Live Hotmail as default email service for mailto links.

Download GmailDefaultMaker utility and easily set default email service for mailto links on your Windows computer. Do you know any other easy way to change mailto default setting? Share with us by adding comment!



  1. Carsten Aagaard says

    ….and it DOES work for windows 7!!!!

  2. Carsten Aagaard says

    Yes, yes yes!!! FINALLY what I’ve been looking for – and Microsoft/IE couldn’t deliver!!

  3. does this work on Flock browser? I want to change it to Mail to MSN

  4. Good program – however, does not really work as documented with IE8 and support for Chrome would really be nice.

  5. Follow this link for an easy fix for windows XP
    No need to download and run anything

    It worked for me

  6. This does not work for windows 7…..

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