Convert a Long URL into a Meaningful Short URL


There are many URL snipping or shortening services. They allow you to create a short URL from an ugly and long URL. The short URL created is ‘short’ but does not make any sense or meaning to facilitate in remembering the same.

While we do have services like Decent URL, that makes URL look decent. However, the reusltant URL is long with  little meaning. MeaningfulURL is one service that can generate short as well as meaningful URLs.

For example: Original URL:


To generate meaningful URL, you need to select Primary URLamong lot of cool options like:,, and many more. After selecting the primary URL (like:, you need to enter a unique tag that makes meaning to you (like: ugly) and you will get final Meaningful URL like:

One drawback of this service -  unlike TinyURL service, resultant meaningful URL is only valid for 3 days from the date of creation. 

Meaningful URL: Generate Meaningful URLPremium URL 

No Sign up or registration is needed to use the service. In case you want your meaningful URL to stay valid for more than 3 days then you can subscribe to premium service option. via

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  1. is a new service that lets you take long URLs and turn them into very short ones. like (example)

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